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Despite that we live in a connected society, raising awareness about the effects of science and technology's newest discoveries is one of their most difficult frontiers. Sharing knowledge is the simplest way to gain access to it. 

It may seem obvious, but several obstacles have consistently slowed down the acceptance of technology advancements that are essential for the welfare of larger collectives. A conscious, forceful decision-making process, access to relevant, high-quality scientific and technological knowledge is essential. 


We have learned from several historical examples that the ability to easily access a wide range of scientific knowledge is unequivocally associated with critical thinking. Those choices have the potential to have an impact on entire countries, towns, and communities. 

At Glyxon, we think that by assisting people with specific technology application skills, Open Science may address accessibility hurdles. By empowering everyone interested in assisting their communities with an easy and economical concept known as "learning by making." The greatest way to introduce novices and specialists from various levels and disciplines to the frontiers of biosciences and their important role in the present and future generations is through active involvement. 

GLYXON OPEN SCIENCE wants to help you effectively convey your discoveries, applications, and viewpoints by sharing ideas, tools, and technology with you. 

Our ethos is that "making is thinking."

From an idea to a feasible prototype : The Economy of "OPEN SOURCE" 

Science and technology, like any other human activity, are intertwined disciplines that are not unfamiliar with their roles in other aspects of the global economy. It's not a coincidence that technologically advanced societies are also leading economic powers. A recurrent belief portraits scientists and technologists subtracted from the rest of the public. 

The truth is that technologists contribute enormously to the economic development of our societies and many are actively committed to understanding its needs and social interactions. Some are front runner figures, while others prefer the humble anonymity in volunteering. 

One of the central missions of Glyxon is to become a leading provider of sustainable and novel biomaterials. However, we also share the values of collective participation in the development of Open Source projects, sometimes with a supportive role or directly contributing with our facilities, installed capacities, materials, instruments, and scientific participation within our possibilities. 

Open Source projects are usually the result of collective knowledge, collective resources, and public funding.   

Who we work with?

Open Science has open frontiers for that reason; We are happy to promote the collaboration with similar minded NGOs, individuals, universities, research centers, and other educational institutions from the region and the rest of the world. 

Feel welcome!.    

Community Projects Calls are issued twice a year or depending on the availability of funding. 

Stay connected here or at the Synthetic Biosystems Global Hub Page. (go to the menu: SynBiosys Global Hub).    

Working partners

From the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic, we have joined to participate in the development of an Open Source Wave Bioreactor that is capable of producing molecular reagents (enzymes) urgently needed for the clinical detection of the SARS Cov-2 virus through the qRT-PCR reaction. 

The obtained enzymes are produced at a much lower cost than commercially available counterparts and through a user friendly, proprietary hardware that will be reachable to anyone by an Open Source license when publicly released. 

Check our COVID19 Projects website for more information (go to menu: COVID19 Projects).    

None of these exciting results would have been possible without the invaluable participation of all the volunteers, Biohackers, DIYBio spaces, entrepreneurs, artists, engineers, designers, academic researchers, and funding partners. 

From that experience, we have established a global cooperation network. We hope to consolidate over the next years to confront future environmental and humanitarian crises like COVID19. Our coalition will help to allocate human and material resources effectively under the Synthetic Biosystems Global Hub or SBGH (go to menu: SynBiosys Global hub).

Undeniably these are challenging times, but We are humbled to be part of a growing innovative community: 


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Prof. Carlos Barba-Ostria Lab

Glyxon Biolabs is a signataire of the MTA agreement

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