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Proteopresso got funded!

We are delighted to announce that the Proteopresso project got elected from a round of 58 projects for funding!. We are thankful for the OPEN COVID19 INITIATIVE coordinated by JOGL for inviting to participate in this fourth round. Thanks to the JOGL community for choosing and believing in our project!

In the following three months, Glyxon Biolabs, together with our SBGH coalition partners, will embark on the construction of a low-cost chromatography system that will rival commercially available HPLC systems. Traditional chromatography methods usually pose economic and technical limitations to access rapid, high quality, automated protein purification.

Protein chromatography is a crucial bioprocessing step that increases the cost in the isolation of proteins, antibodies, enzymes, and other biologically relevant molecules. The Proteopresso system will be incorporated into a sleek portable handheld design dedicated to small to medium volumes purification and will be capable of connecting to mobile devices for retrieving tested and personalized protein purification protocols.

We have been working on preliminary prototypes in the past. However, through JOGL funding, we will be capable of delivering a functional, user-centered, open-source prototype that will be easy to operate and could substantially reduce the isolation costs of the most precious molecular reagents needed for COVID19 detection. Among those molecular reagents are DNA polymerases, RT polymerases, and other enzymes used in LAMP and qPCR reactions.

Follow us to learn about this and other latest developments!

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